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Hospitality Australian apprenticeships are a two year certificate (level III). This allows one to cook in a commercial setting. The basic course teaches how to work in an industrial kitchen or to cook for service related fields like education, medicine, or the like that are not so public directed. One example on how one apprenticeship can stack into another is how one qualifies as a Chef. To do so one needs to push past the level III and attain a level IV certificate if the want to work in a smaller cafe or restaurant. In order to get into these programmes one must have a school certificate, but can start as soon a year 11. Your school careers adviser will have information for you if this career interests you, but if they lack it you can contact the Australian Apprenticeships Centre nearest you for further assistance.

These are only a couple of the many choices of both traditional and non-traditional Australian apprenticeships one may chose to follow. If your interest is in farming you can try Agriculture, horticulture and related industries. There are business, finance, and public service areas that might be of a draw to one instead. One can look into information services, printing, telecommunications, a broad range of manufacturing, health, and recreational services too. Each of these apprenticeship courses allow one to enter an arrangement to work and learn the trade while both employer and worker are protected by a formal agreement. This Training Contract is legally binding and details what is expected of both parties. Additionally, there is financial assistance for those in apprenticeship courses during those beginning years where pay is the lowest.

To get more information about where to enter apprenticeship courses one should contact his or her school careers adviser first. If the information is lacking from that source then one should seek out the local Australian Apprenticeships Centre in his or her region. These centres are provided to assist employers, apprentices, and trainers for the entire length of the apprenticeship. They market and dispense apprentices and payments for their use to the community. Through an interlinked program they service training and certification for apprentices in a uniform and standard manner. With more then 300 offices to serve the public across Australia, Australian Apprenticeships Centres are a one stop place for all apprenticeship needs.

Not only does the regional Australian Apprenticeships Centre have all these other things going for them, but they also have skills and training information centres as part of their services. Now that they have been properly mentioned, you might want to know where you can find one. Look no farther then to find the search page that allows you to type in your postcode or call 13 38 73.


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