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Unlike any other land on the globe, Australia takes care of its people. Anyone over the age of fourteen can sign up for Apprenticeship courses providing there is an employer willing to take him or her. Covering over 500 different occupations, and employing/training some 400,000 people, this program of government incentives combine work time and training time on a part to full time basis, both in and out of school. For information about apprenticeship one should contact their regional Australian Apprenticeships Centre.

Apprenticeship courses can lead to national qualification in the field of choice. There are no entry requirements for those of working age. Anyone can begin an apprenticeship program, not just the youth, although starting early on it can give you quite an advantage. If you happen to have skills that are related you can get credit for them and thus shorten your apprenticeship terms. If you advance quickly because you are a fast learner you will not be penalised or held back. Work is paid for while you still are getting training. And perhaps the most valuable thing of all, these programs can help ease one from school into the workforce. If your school's career advisor lacks information to assist you then you need to contact the Australian Apprenticeships Centre in your region.

With so many choices to look at one can be overwhelmed by the options. The courses range from one to four years in length and knowing this might help one chose what they want to do. Plus some apprenticeships lead into others. Four year apprenticeship courses like one for a basic Electrician's Licence or plumbing certificate are considered a level III. In order to be self employed in these fields one may need to seek more testing. One that enjoys the science and thrill of electronic theory can earn a good living with this apprenticeship. Your school's career advisor or the regional Australian Apprenticeships Centre will have all the information you need to find out more about getting into the Electrician's apprenticeship programme.

Carpentry and automotive apprenticeship courses may take less or more time to attain, typically 3-4 years. Both are in high demand. If you enjoy working and building or repairing things, either of these would be a great choice. Carpentry allows one to act as their own boss and work outside, while automotive is more urban and business detailed. Either way you go, your regional Apprenticeships Centre and your school career advisor will have information to help you get started on your course.

One could seek to become a hairdresser, which is also a level III certificate Australian Apprenticeship, and do so as young as year 10. You will find that your school career advisor will have information to help you get started with this. If they do not have information for you then contact your regional Australian Apprenticeships Centre. Hairdressers are in very high demand, as there is a shortage. To enter this field one must have good personal grooming habits and sell themselves to a local business runner, but because there is a shortage, it can be rather more easy to get into. There are a number of special schools acting as training for this field that can provide more information.

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